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romantic at heart,
nerdy & proud,
coffee always

I’m Jade! Welcome to my creative journey. I am a professional painter, artist and educator and I started this business in 2017.

My foundation began in graphic design, until one day I found myself blessed with the unexpected opportunity. My bestie informed me she was getting married, there were cheers and jumping and I may have scared some people at a table next to us. My desire to create beautiful Wedding Details began....

hi friends, i'm jade.

Each couple has such a unique love story.

i just love love.

i adore witnessing sweet moments between couples

painting is life

my adventure into color started with stationery design

splash of color





guest sketches



This was so much more than I imagined. Thank you so much! You really captured every important detail from the wedding reception. Just, wow.

- Brooke & Sam

The little portraits are everything!  We are so excited to have these at our event and can't wait to share them with our attendees.  You've really captured them.

- The graceful Gathering

It's just beautiful. I can't believe my mom was able to get you here. You've even captured the details in the dress. I'm in love.  Thank you so much!

- claudia & william

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