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I’m Jade! Welcome to my creative journey. I am a professional painter, calligrapher, artist and educator and I started this business in 2017.

My foundation began in graphic design, until one day I found myself blessed with the unexpected opportunity. My bestie informed me she was getting married, there were cheers and jumping and I may have scared some people at a table next to us. 

As we poured over her binder full wedding details, I realized she needed support. From planning to execution of her "Big Day" I was all in. She needed someone to help her bring her dreams to life, and I immediately knew that I had stumbled into my calling. 

With the first stroke of a brush I began training myself to increase my ability as a painter. Diving into oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink. Training with Painting icons such as Kevin Murphy, Piper Talladay and Live Wedding Painter Stephanie Gaffney ,  One study at a time. One painting at a time.

Creating a painting requires many steps.  A finished canvas is the result of a hundred decisions that I've just made.  What lighting is pouring on the couple, how the flowers are flowing around the reception, even the hint of a smile on the couples face as they dance.

With each new painting I grow as an artist and my heart is filled with fond memories.  It is a world of new beginning for each of my couples and I'm honored to witness and create for each and every one of them.  There are no restrictions to sharing love and joy.  I'm here for it!


we all start at the begining

With all my gear packed in the car, I am ready to hit the road and join so many happy couples for their special day. Each wedding is so special filled with tender moments and heartfelt memories. It truly is the best job to celebrate with families and capturing the love they share. I can't wait to paint a picture for you! <3 Jade

It was such a beautiful night and you captured the couple so beautifully.  I can hardly believe you did this in one night.
- Kelly B -

There's my dogs! I just love how you've added them in when they can't be here. [The painting ] is so full of color and its just beautiful. Thank you so much for adding the details.  I want to take it with me tonight! 
- Erin M. -

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